Repairing the Damage From Hormonal Contraception

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

If your body isn’t ready it will not ovulate this means ovulation is late resulting in an extended cycle.⁠

I was originally put on HC to ‘bring on my period’ at the age of 17.⁠

Obviously there was an imbalance that was avoided and covered up by the pill and implanon, a bandaid to the problem. ⁠

The Turning Point

Eight years of blocking the pathway between my brain and ovaries, not once I was educated on what was actually happening within my body until I started to become more self aware and wanted to know more. ⁠


It was just the norm right? Just take HC and it will ‘fix’ everything. ⁠

No period for a year after coming off. ⁠

I completely changed my lifestyle creating a healthier more regular cycle.

Twelve months ago I went through a massive personal transition where I suppressed my emotions putting on a brave face, my menstrual cycle took the biggest hit with this. ⁠

My skin breaking out is my only discomfort I get around ovulation and my bleed and the length of my cycle fluctuates. This all depends on the quality of my eating habits and my emotional stress I hold onto.⁠

Recently I acknowledged the pattern of old habits creeping back in.⁠

I have now brought things back to complete basics mainly focusing on my nutrition and mindfulness practices to realign my menstrual cycle back to where I worked so hard to get it. ⁠

The journey I have been on I gained the tools to put things back into place when they are out.⁠ I sought the support when in need and created a network around me.⁠

Today using these tools and the networks I forged I now can be there for other women who also struggle with cycle irregularities and provide menstrual cycle education and plans structured around adequate movement, nutrition and mindfulness.

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