How Stress Impacts Your Hormones

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Whether you want to conceive, or you’re wanting to have a healthier period, stress in our body can directly impact the functionality of our hormones!⁠

An increase in stress disrupts our nervous system and encourages our adrenal glands to create more cortisol. These peaks of cortisol levels in our body then create a number of other reactions in our body and put our body into a fight or flight response. When our nervous system is in this state, normally bodily functions can start to decline.⁠

As a female, one of the main things that gets effected here is blood flow to the uterus, egg release and hormone production. As we are now in more of a survival mode, anything that requires more energy from our body becomes less essential so we can deal with the ‘stress’. This can then effect our fertility and our periods!⁠

So what can we do

Being more mindful of our stressors and situations can peak our cortisol ⁠

  • Create healthy habits that help to combat this ‘stress’ ⁠

  • Understanding and creating more awareness of our body and what it is trying to tell us ⁠

  • Reach out for support ⁠

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