The Mindful Woman was created to help empower, educate and support women. We want to help women understand their bodies both physically and emotionally without making it too complicated or overwhelming. From menstrual cycle awareness to nourishing your body we design plans and packages to support you and connect you with yourself again!

Join our one of our programs to discover the best ways to improce your menstrual cycle, period discomfort and increase your overall awareness.

Menstrual Cycle

We aim to create awareness and empowerment around the menstrual cycle, your hormones and bleed. 


We look at your cycle's history and the current quality.

Your journey with us will be personalised and tailored to you, no one's cycle is ever the same. 


Discover how to track your cycle, understand your signs, symptoms and how you can improve discomfort.

Being connected with yourself on this level is beautiful.

Our bleed is a direct reflection of our internal health. Stress and inflammation can build up in our body and our period can be a very good indication of how these things are effecting our physical well-being! ⁠

How is your period? ⁠

What it is trying to tell you? ⁠

What areas of your health may need attention? 


You know your body best and if you feel like something is wrong, it is super important to trust that and seek the help and support you need. ⁠

Period pain, hormonal acne and bloating can yes be common, but you do not need to suffer


We believe nutrition habits are a strong foundational core, building with quality will encourage optimal health, decreasing inflammation and discomfort. 


Our holistic approach opens a whole new world of flavour and nourishment supporting and appreciating the body’s function. Certain foods can restore and unbalance, this is why our passion is heavily revolved around what we put into our body. 


We create recipes that nourish.

Bring awareness and education.

Dig deep into the root cause.

Focus on emotional resistance.


Discover what can trigger, block and how you can improve your habits.

Certain foods can restore and unbalance your bodies function.

Having the basic knowledge of the calories you need on a daily basis is a must, fuelling your body with whole foods is just as important.

Cleaning up nutrition habits is often overlooked by many but think about it. If you’re experiencing discomforts it makes sense to look at what you are putting into your body and what you are not getting enough of.

Food to eat before, after and during your period. Our programs improve nutritional habits and promote nourishment that aids your menstrual cycle.
Get a personalised training program with The Mindful Woman that is sustainable and enjoyable!


Training is so much more than hitting the gym, muscle gain, weight loss, abs and a booty! 

It’s an outlet, an appreciation to your body’s ability to move, assist in benefiting your health. 


It’s a lifestyle. 


We approach everyday movement with a variety of practices from a structured personalised gym program, yoga, pilates and everyday functional moving.


When you understand your cycle you can use this to your advantage, discover when to push yourself a little more and accept at some stages your body requires you to slow down and go inwards. 


New to a regular movement routine? We got you!

Mindfulness & Self Care Habits

When was the last time you completely stopped?

When was the last time you were present?

When was the last time you were in the moment, for you?


Sometimes the simple stuff is underrated.


You will dig deep, get vulnerable and push through blocks.

You will love, surrender and allow abundance to flow.


We encourage you in creating practices that align with your life, discovering a variety of tools you can unpack supporting you through your journey of life.

Break through your emotional blocks and get the tools and pracitces to support you to have a mindful life.