Who We Are

Hey babe it's Madi & Nicole here, together we are The Mindful Woman. Growing up together in a coastal country town on the Bass Coast in Victoria we have known each other for almost 25 years! Having a connection for so long we are able to work closely together allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, raw and real for our clients. We are strong believers in a holistic approach of discovering the underlying health issue. Both of us have experienced pain, loss, heartache and health discomforts while individually going on the search for answers… Answers we believe we should have been educated on many years ago when learning stuff about life but many times end up in the same cycle again and again.This might sound silly to some but we are grateful for what we have experienced because it has led us here, right at this moment where we help women through their pain and discomfort discovering the tools while creating a balanced lifestyle to realign their pillars. 

The MindFul Woman combine nutrition, movement and mindfulness to help your menstrual cycle quality. Transforming what is typically a negative experience for women into an empowering and balanced period.

What We
Stand For


Empowerment, education, community, and connection.


With eleven years of combined experience in the fitness and health industry Nicole and Madi have combined their years of various practices to create one super modality forged by a special interest in Women’s Health & Emotional Wellbeing. The Mindful Woman today is a combination of their years in the health wellness, fitness and life coaching industry alongside acupuncture and Chinese Herbalist medicine. 


Madi & Nicole both experienced frustration and disappointment when seeking answers about their own health to only end up in the same cycle again and again. These girls grew up together and when reconnecting after going through some tough important life events and experiences, shaping who they are today they decided to combine their knowledge and power to help others in similar situations push through their discomforts and discover the answers they have been searching for.


MENSTRUAL CYCLE, NUTRITION, MOVEMENT & MINDFULNESS. These pillars are powerful, we believe they are the core fundamentals of life. Understanding and keeping them balanced has been made to look difficult, we will show you how it can be simple with the right support. It’s not by chance we have connected, we have been brought together for a reason. We are here to help you feel empowered, connected and discover yourself again.Understand your menstrual cycle, hormonal balance and breakthrough the b*%%^$#% holding you back. Become stronger mentally & physically. Rebuild your relationship with food while discovering how to nourish your body with quality nutrition.

The Team


Co-Founder | Health Coach | Personal Trainer | Nutrition Student

Health Coach, Fitness Trainer and current Nutritional student. Certificate III & IV in Fitness, Nutritional Advisor Certificate IV in Nutrition specialising in Health & Wellness. Within the 6 years Madi has been in the health and fitness industry she has truly discovered her purpose and style, she works with a diversity of 1:1 and group clients, you will love her straightforward, honest and holistic approach to coaching.


I love showing people how they can nourish their body with quality food, keeping things simple, sharing experiences and education.⁠

Nutrition is overlooked too often when it comes to inflammation within the body, I’m a strong believer in everything starts from your gut and what you are putting into your body has a huge affect on so many aspects of your life. ⁠

I was on hormonal contraception for 9 years and had no education on what it was doing to me, acne, loss of a period to an irregular period, anxiety, depression, candida... I wasted time and money jumping from appointments, being sold products to get no answers! ⁠

From this I discovered how important it is to have all of your pillars in life balanced, creating a support system around you that will help you make a better version of yourself. ⁠

Madi Everitt co-founder of The Mindful Woman is a your guide to everything health and fitness realted. Specialising in health and wellness, her journey has led her to develop the Mindful Woman and support menstrual cycles with an honest and straighforward holistic approach to coaching.
Nicole is a co-founder of The Mindful Woman and your guide to Mindfulness and wellbeing. With a double degree in health science and applied science she applies chinese medicine with her years as an acupuncturist to empower womens health and emotional wellbeing.


Co-Founder | Acupuncturist | Women's Life & Mindset Coach

Completed a double degree in Health Science/Applied Science (Chinese Medicine). Today is an Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist with a passion and special interest in Women’s Health & Emotional Wellbeing. She has further completed life coaching training to bring all of her modalities together. She has worked in her own business for 5 years working with 1:1 clients.

I absolutely love educating and empowering you on your hormones and menstrual cycle. I believe that is it so important and beneficial to understand your period and hormones so we can live more in alignment with our body. With saying that, I deeply understand the impact that stress & emotional health have on our physical body which is why supporting our body in a holistic way is so beneficial.


With some of my own struggles such as period pain, hormonal acne, transitioning off the pill, anxiety & big life transitions, I absolutely love sharing what I have learnt along the way so I can support you on a deep and meaningful level!


So all I want to say is that, YOU DON’T HAVE TO SUFFER.

If you are ready to dig deep, do the work and put yourself first, you can take charge of your health, hormones and mind and live in alignment with your body.