At The Mindful Woman we work together with our clients to break things down and deliver what you actually need. Putting an end to the helpless cycle  of guessing your way through your blocks. With our programs and services you will walk away with truth bombs and actionable tips that will be tools for you to start living your healthiest life while taking charge of your body.

Nourish your body and rebuild your nutritional habits to support optimal health performance while decreasing inflammation and discomfort.
At The Mindful Woman, we aim to create awareness and empowerment to support your menstrual cycle. With programs targeted at helping you have better periods.
Being active encompasses more than going to the gym or running yourself into the ground. What matters most is what movement is sustainable for you! The Mindful Woman works with you to develop a movement structure that is personalised to your desires and interests.
Through our programs, we will aid in building a mindfulness and self-care regimen that will continue to support you in breaking down barriers the tools to allow you to flourish!


We believe nutrition habits are a strong foundational core, building with quality will encourage optimal health, decreasing inflammation and discomfort.We create recipes that nourish. Bring awareness and education. Dig deep into the root cause. Focus on emotional resistance.


Periods don’t have to suck!! We aim to create awareness and empowerment around the menstrual cycle, your hormones and bleed by looking at your cycles history and the currently quality. Your journey with us will be personalised and tailored to you, no one's cycle is ever the same. 


Training is so much more than hitting the gym, muscle gain, weight loss, abs and a booty! It’s an outlet, an appreciation to your body’s ability to move and assist in benefiting your health. We approach everyday movement with a variety of practices from a structured personalised gym program, yoga, pilates and everyday functional moving.


We encourage you in creating practices that align with your life, discovering a variety of tools you can unpack supporting you through your journey of life. 

You will dig deep, get vulnerable and push through blocks.

You will love, surrender and allow abundance to flow.

The Mindful Women operates both online and in person. With half of us living in Victoria and the other in Queensland we have built our services to be completely online. So don't let distance stop you from getting the help you've been searching for.

Online Service

1:1 Support

Creating an open and trustworthy relationship with our clients means being there when you need us most. Our programs aren't a closed ended pdf, rather a in-depth plan heightened by our reliable and constant support.

Personalised Programs

From building healthier eating and exercise habits to menstrual cycle guidance and mindfulness. Each program is aimed at assisting clients in their specific areas of need and building a sustainable and long-lasting program that can be integrated easily into their day to day lives.


I really can't thank Nicole & Madi enough. I came across Realign at the perfect time. I had been having a really hard time in my life and had been feeling really overwhelmed. I had some really unhealthy habits with food and self-care. I wasn't treating my body right and I had been feeling really down on myself. Over the 6 weeks, I really started to trust my body and feel a lot better within myself. I have taken on board all of the things Madi and Nicole taught, I'm already feeling a lot more in control of my life and I can't wait to see how I can continue to implement Realign into my life!

– Sarah VIC

Double degree in Health Science and Applied Science & Certificate III and IV in Fitness

Step by step support & weekly phone calls

Life Changing Tools & Takeaways

11 years years of combined experience 

Constantly Learning & Evolving 

Online Programs & Guidance

Together The Mindful Woman team has 11 years experince in health science and fitness. Along with their journies they have used their skills and combined tribulations to help women with their menstrual cycles.